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About Us

Welcome to Ah-Choo

Ah-Choo, founded and launched in Australia 2019, with a vision and purpose of implementing effective respiratory measures in order to help minimise the risk of exposure from our ever-changing environmental conditions. Ah-Choo face masks are of high-grade quality made with 100% premium cotton with an effective 3-ply filtering system to help protect us from the poor and destructive particles that are directly obstructing our respiratory cavities with a fun, creative and fashionistas edge.

There are a number of different environmental conditions that trigger allergies in people, with some of the most common including pollen, dust, pet hair and poor air quality caused by environmental disasters. This simple, fun and affordable method of filtering the air you breathe via your nasal and mouth is the #1 preventative measure to being RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN BREATH!

Thank you,

Ah-Choo Australia